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Judaism is not a proselytizing faith in that we do not attempt to convert to Judaism. With this being said, many Jews are being approached by Christian missionaries in attempts to convince them to convert. In order to answer the Christians as to why Jews reject the Christian Messiah as the Jewish Messiah, we have compiled this downloadable pamphlet that can be printed, folded properly, and offered to Christian missionaries in order to answer any questions and avoid confrontation.

Adath Miqra Emet

Adath Miqra Emet is a Traditional Karaite Jewish organizations in association with Kol Chesed HaTorah. They are also the only source of kosher meat in the United States according to Minhagim Yehudim HaKaraim.

Abridged Daily Karaite Siddur

This is siddur (prayer book) used for the Traditional Karaite Jewish Tefillah (Prayer) service for Kol Chesed HaTorah's Karaite wing.

hammer and nails crucifixion

Crucifixion or Misinterpretation?

Download this PDF pamphlet that examines a scholarly analysis of the claims of Christian interpretations of prophecies fulfilled by the crucifixion of the Christian messiah.

jewish repentance from sin and salvation

What Is The Jewish Concept of Sin and Salvation?

Download this PDF pamphlet that examines the Jewish take on intentional sin, unintentional sin, repentance, and salvation.

purpose of life jewish

What Is the Purpose of Life?

Our lives are not meaningless. Each of us was created with a purpose and an important mission. Learn more about this mission in this PDF download/print-out.

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