Kol Chesed HaTorah

A community dedicated to Jewish education and unity in the modern world. 

“Jewish unity exists as an idea. Why then should it not exist as a fact?”
- Rabbi Lord Johnathan Sacks

Connecting our past with our future.

Welcome to the official website Kol Chesed HaTorah! We are your Jewish community for wherever you happen to be in the United States and beyond. With our membership as varied as the ingredients in your mother’s cholent, we celebrate the diversity that exists within the Jewish world. From Orthodox to Karaite, Jew or Ger Toshav (righteous non-Jew) , feel free to join us for one of our many services, classes, discussions, or conferences happening throughout the year. Our hope is help you grow your relationship with the Creator, with Am Yisrael, and increase your learning of Torah and middot. Shalom!

What is Kol Chesed?

Meaning “Community of the Mercy of Torah”, Kol Chesed HaTorah is a communal labor of love and unity. With leadership ranging the Jewish world from Modern Orthodox to Traditional Karaite and everywhere in between and beyond, Kol Chesed is open to all – Jew and ger toshav (righteous non-Jew) alike. Join us for services, classes, or conferences – either online or in-person at our headquarters in Camden, NY or at one of our many family satellite locations throughout the United States.

Kol Chesed HaTorah – Camden, NY 13316